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The Society for Conservation Biology's Commitment to Facilitate the Creation, Dissemination, and Application of Conservation Science


Debborah Luke


The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) currently published two globally recognized peer-reviewed journals, Conservation Biology and Conservation Letters. Publications included in Conservation Biology address issues germane to the conservation of any of Earth's ecosystems or geographic regions and that apply diverse approaches to analyses and problem solving. The conservation relevance of articles published in Conservation Biology transcends the particular ecosystem, species, and situation described. Conservation Letters publishes empirical and theoretical research with immediate implications for the conservation of biological diversity worldwide. The journal's concise papers are renowned for their originality, timeliness, and influence on policy debates and management solutions. Both of these journals maintain high impact factors, h5 indices, and CiteScores and have proven to be must-read sources of cutting-edge, policy-relevant conservation research from the natural and social sciences. Due to the successes of these journals, SCB is now excited to announce the launch of a brand new peer-reviewed journal! Conservation Science and Practice will publish papers that address the policy, planning, and practice of conserving biological diversity including those that expand conservation knowledge ranging from practical experience to advances in theory. Conservation Science and Practice will place special emphasis on studies that connect findings to conservation outcomes and address strategies that work as well as those that don’t. Studies with implications for biodiversity conservation applications that rely on established methods on specific case studies will be welcome, including those that do not transcend species, ecosystem, or situation.